Sir Alex Ferguson comments on Coutinho transfer saga

Ex Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson admits Liverpool have played a vital role in Philippe Coutinho's development as a player

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The Liverpool playmaker has been heavily linked with a move to Barcelona this summer but with a remark of Liverpool fencing their playmaker from leaving Anfield Sir Alex Ferguson has commented.

"I think strong management is crucial in this situation. Part of your job as a coach also is to educate your players character so they have a responsibility to what they’re doing,’ Ferguson said at the UEFA Elite Coaches Forum in Nyon.

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"Obviously, in some cases, that is changing a bit. It’s disappointing because I’m sure that, in the case of Liverpool, they did a very good job in making Coutinho the player he is today.

"So, it’s a bit disappointing but you have to deal with it and the transfer window doesn’t help in that situation.

"If it closed in July, Coutinho would have continued playing and it would have been gone. The matter would have been over.
"The recommendation we look at is to close the window before the season starts, so everyone knows which players they’ve got and aren’t waiting to see what the first results are going to be."

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