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    Monday, 4 September 2017

    Do you agree Liverpool will be this harsh on Coutinho according to Collymore ?

    Philippe Coutinho will receive tough treatment from senior players said former Livepool star Collymore

    Lfc rumour
    Philippe Coutinho expressed his desire to join Bacrcelona in the recently concluded transfer
    window when he was reported to have handed in a transfer request.

    Reflecting to the saga former Liverpool player has admitted that the Liverpool No.10 will face harsh treatment from team mates in this case managers Lieutenants as he dubbe them.

    Collymore wrote in his column for the Mirror.

    “Players who are a bit younger and trying to make their way in the game will say, ‘Well, he’s been a bit of a **** for what he has done, but he’s a great player and when he comes back I’m not going to treat him any differently than I did before"

                     Ferguson praise klopp for holding on to Coutinho
    “Then there’ll be the more senior players — the manager’s lieutenants — who’ll rattle his cage and make sure he knows where he stands.

    “They might give him both barrels — ‘You’re taking the ****, you’re bang out of order’ — or they might go down the more subtle route, which can often be worse than being fronted up.

    “Every mis-kick, every chance that goes begging, even every stretch will be chipped away at.

    “At Liverpool, I’d expect Jordan Henderson and James Milner to maybe give him a little reminder that his best course of action is to get his head down and work his backside off for the club.

    “They’ll be saying, ‘If Barcelona come in for you in January, good for you, but now is the time to knuckle down’.”

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