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    Monday, 5 February 2018

    Klopp comment on referee decision in PL 2-2 draw against Spurs

    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp have accepted his team draw against Tottenham but says it's unfair

    Liverpool manager has claimed it was a bad day for his team over poor officiating as they were held on a 2-2 draw by Tottenham.

    When asked if he (Klopp) was angry he said : “I am. But obviously I can't change anything. So what's my job now? To create headlines? To be punished? To pay a fine? If I say what I think I would pay the biggest fine in world football.

    “I have no problem with people making mistakes. But if you don't see the situation, then step aside.

    “It's not a penalty. I've heard Lamela was offside with one leg, running into Virgil van Dijk. Virgil sees him at the last moment, stops the movement but still touches him. Lamela is already on the way down. 

    “The referee says keep on going, and the linesman makes the decision.

    “It was obviously not his day. The first penalty was one of the clearest offside situations I have seen. Unless there's a new rule. When the ball left the foot of the Tottenham player, Harry Kane is offside. This situation has never changed. Dejan touched it. My defence put Kane offside, that's good defending. I don't know what they discussed, I would be really interested what the referee and assistant were saying.

    “At the end I've learned something new and now people will think I know nothing about football because I thought it was offside.

    “But the second one, it's not about who is where. In the 93rd minute you whistle a penalty when you are 100 per cent sure. 

    “It's clear in these situations the opposition wants to go down, wants to cause these type of problems. Cool down. But we have to accept it, I can't change it. But it's really hard to get.”

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