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    Saturday, 3 February 2018

    Klopp - top four finish for Liverpool is a success

    Jurgen Klopp target Liverpool  Premier League glory but admit City's form has rebelled the situation

    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp have said his dream for the club this season was to win the Premier League but Manchester City are currently on the lead because they have also be playing fine.

    "When you start a season you can dream of something and you need to make a realistic target as well," Klopp said.

    "I think dreaming of being champion is probably the dream -- not only at Liverpool but especially at Liverpool. Because of the season [Manchester] City is playing, that is quite difficult. Then I would prefer to be second to be honest if you cannot be first.

    "But if you are second, third or fourth at the end of the season when you look back all three positions are good and similarly difficult to reach.

    "Everybody thinks Arsenal is away [out of contention for the top four] but they are not. If there was one matchday when one of us is losing and Arsenal is winning then they are only five points behind.

    "Tottenham is behind all of us in the Champions League positions at the moment, so [top four] is for sure a success."

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