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    Saturday, 3 March 2018

    Jurgen Klopp defend Liverpool attacking style

    Jurgen Klopp defend his attacking style saying parking the would annoy fans

    Liverpool have been playing good attacking football since the start of the season but  being criticized for their poor defending.

    The team manager Jurgen Klopp has insisted he wouldn't ditch good entertaining football because he have to keep the back solid and win trophies.

    Ahead of this evening’s clash against Newcastle the German said: “We are here to win trophies and performance has a big influence on that.

    “We are not a club who won a last trophy two or three years ago and now everybody thinks ‘OK, that’s the way they play’.

    “If we were to park the bus constantly in home games people would whistle us out of the stadium because they think that’s not what we want to watch, and we don’t win anything.

    “So we have to come from the other side, we have to dominate football games. To play, to do, to be kind of exciting. That’s the only way for us.

    “I am happy Man City are doing so well because they are doing it on one level higher.

    “It’s not that it is some team that come through games somehow with the help of the post, the crossbar or something like that, winning 1-0. They will win the title.

    “This is one way to be successful. And with our young history I don’t think there is any other way than to convince the people with football.”

    He added: “There will always be people who say ‘yes but’. It’s true to say that we didn’t win anything in the two and a half years here so far but we played two finals and that’s not too bad.

    “It’s only bad because in the 20 years before it was better. That’s not my problem.

    “What people will say about us? We won’t really know until they look back. Why should I think about that? I cannot influence it.

    “We are in a good moment, it’s not a perfect moment but a good moment. So let’s carry on - hard work, win football games and then we’ll see.”

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