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    Sunday, 13 May 2018

    Lanzini to join Liverpool on Monday - Westham insider play down speculation

    Lanzini played his last match for Westham against Everton and will be heading to Liverpool according to reports

    Lanzini has been rumoured to be Liverpool player in few days
    But Twitter user @ExWHUemployee, a reliable source of Hammers transfer news, believes the news to be untrue.

    He tweeted: "I’ve avoided commenting on this out of respect for the person who has started the rumour. Apparently it’s happening on Monday or Tuesday. So by Wednesday you will know whether it was true or not....

    "if I was to bet on whether by Wednesday he will be a West Ham player or not. I would bet on him being a West Ham player but that’s not to say that I am right and they are wrong. That’s just what I would do."

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