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    Wednesday, 6 June 2018

    Karius dumped by girlfriend over furious fans

    The German goalkeeper was publicly dumped by his TV  girlfriend after she got death threats from angry fans

    Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack claimed she had received several messages from fuming fans threatening to stab her after the nightmare her boyfriend encountered at Kyiv.

    The 27-year-old Model in her holiday at Ibiza revealed her unpleasant experience in the hands of fans angered by Karius’s blunders during the Champions League final at Kyiv.

    "This weekend I have been called every offensive name under the sun, with `whore’ being the most common." Ianthe wrote.

    “I have been threatened that I will be stabbed in my organs, that my family will be killed, being told they are already dead, being told to kill myself, that the Russian mafia are after me etc etc.”

    “I’ve laughed it off, deleted as many comments as I can, because I do think you’re all a bunch of lunatics.”

    “However in what world is this okay?”

    “I’m honestly baffled at the sanity of some people.”

    “I’m not entirely sure what I have been accused of in the Russian press but I have been SINGLE for the last year.”

    Ianthe, who was recently spotted with the German goalkeeper shopping at a supermarket  near his home in Cheshire - suggested the trolls should start addressing their own sex lives instead of focusing on her’s.

    “If you’re thinking of sending me another message telling me to ‘die bitch’ blah blah blah just take a minute to assess your life.”

    “Love Island starts tonight so maybe watch that instead.”

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