Jurgen Klopp slammed over goal celebration in Merseyside derby


Former England defender admits Klopp should have been arrested for running into the pitch

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The Liverpool boss during the game was seen running into the pitch and embracing Alisson after Divock Origi’s struck Liverpool's late winner.

Former England defender Danny Mills believe Klopp was reckless with that kind of celebration, as in most cases fans are arrested for doing same.

"It's absolutely shocking what he does," he said on BBC Radio 5 Live.

"Go down the touchline, leave your technical area, celebrate with your staff. I don't have a problem with that at all.

"But to run into the middle of the pitch - if that's a fan, of course (he would get arrested). I think it's disrespectful to Everton, and he knows it.

"Yes it's a derby, it's a big game, but you cannot run into the middle of the pitch. Last minute or not."

"I would like to think that Jurgen Klopp will get into trouble for that,” Mills said.

"If that's other managers that do that - and we know one in particular - he'd get absolutely slaughtered.
"That's not right. Everton fans can't be happy with that. But Marco Silva, fabulous dignity I think.”

But after the game Jurgen Klopp apologized to the toffees for his behaviour, saying he meant no disrespect.

Lfc rumour
"I have to apologise because I didn't want to be disrespectful but I couldn't stop myself,” he said. “It just happened!

"The game was with unbelievable intensity. Both teams had chances.

"Both goalkeepers had outstanding performances. In the end it was a very weird goal.

"I can't imagine the disappointment of Everton.

"But we got it and we will take it. It is a brilliant night.

"If I could describe it [how he feels] then I would have control over it.

"We don't want to look for excuses but that's how it is.

"I'm not sure what the FA has to do in a situation like this but I will have to wait.

"The plan was not to run [onto the pitch to celebrate]! When I chose to stop I was close to Alisson.

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