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    Friday, 25 October 2019

    Sean Dyche: Liverpool won Champions League playing anti-football

    The Burnley manager think what has been labelled anti-football tactics helped Liverpool defeat Totteham in the Champions League final

    Lfc rumour
    Dyche believes that Liverpool showed the right way to play football on their way to winning the Champions League trophy last season.

    Too often seen as a king of long-ball tactics, Dyche believes teams who play keep-ball in their own six-yard box will soon revert to playing the long balls from goalkeepers.

    Dyche speaking at the Clarets press conference on Thursday said: "You wouldn't coach an under-12 team to play like that – and the time will come when people start playing it longer again.

    "Glenn Hoddle was the best passer of a football I've ever seen.

    "In the modern game, why on earth would you go up to him and say, 'Sorry, I only want you to pass it 10 yards' when he's got two cannons in his feet? I always get caned for saying that but I don't know why.

    "You soon swallow your pride about playing out from your own six-yard box if you stop losing and start winning.

    "Check out Liverpool's passing stats in the Champions League final – 67 per cent pass completion, only 280 passes in 90 minutes.

    "Anti-football won the European Cup final. There you go."

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