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    Sunday, 3 November 2019

    Former Aston Villa player slams officials - says VAR decision was compromised

    Andy Gray has said Roberto Firmino's disallowed goal should have count against Villa

    Lfc rumour
    The former Villa striker and Sky Sports pundit hasn't been known to be an upholder of the Reds in recent times.

    But his analysis of Roberto  Firmino's disallowed goal on Saturday may well have find the Scotsman greater acceptance among numbers of Anfield faithful.

    Gray believes during the event VAR decision first approved that Firmino wasn't offside but the decision later changed with further review.

    "To my naked eye, that knee (of Villa defender Tyrone Mings) is playing all of him onside," said Gray, when viewing the clip that was released showing how the decision was reached. "I can see that.

    "When they first calibrate it, and they do it and 'oh, wait a minute, he's still onside, let's do it again'.
    "They do it again, and lo and behold, it comes up that he's offside in the second calibration and suddenly he's offside.

    "That should have been a goal, end of. My naked eye can see that knee is playing every part of Roberto Firmino onside and I don't need calibration to tell me otherwise."

    Gray also maintained  that the angle drawn from Firmino's now infamous armpit to the ground is not parallel with the one for the line used referencing Mings' knee.