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    Thursday, 5 December 2019

    Thiery Henry believes Origi can be top class in No.9 position

    The former Arsenal star has explained why Divock Origi deserve more games as a striker to become World class

    Lfc rumour
    Henry was impressed with certain aspects of Origi's performance in Liverpool's 5-2 Premier League win at home to Everton on Wednesday.

    Origi replaced Roberto Firmino as a centre-forward in the Wednesday night derby and responded outstandingly with two goals.

    And Henry who had once worked with the 24-year-old during his time coaching the Belgium national team believes Jurgen Klopp paid the Belgian a major compliment by playing him as the main striker.

    The Arsenal legend believes Origi can compete Firmino's place if Klopp persist in playing him at the middle.

    "But what's going to be important for Divock Origi now, is that he played in the middle," Henry said in the Amazon Prime Video studio. "That's a great sign of respect for the work he is doing from Jurgen Klopp.

    "Before he was putting him on the left or on the right and I’m not sure if he can hold the line or bring the ball in.

    "But what you saw tonight is him making those runs from the middle to the right because he's comfortable on the wing.

    “When he's going to master being in the middle and bringing the centre-back to the right and he can dribble, they're going to have another weapon, playing in the middle other than [Roberto] Firmino.”

    Divock Origi double means he has now scored five goals against Everton, more than  Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino put together.

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