Manchester City stunned by Liverpool involvement in Champions League ban scandal

Manchester City are reportedly surprised to see Liverpool in a group action to query the details of their Champions League ban appeal

The Premier League champions were aware several clubs – all of the top 10 in the top flight apart from themselves and Sheffield United – had joined forces. Details of a request to the Court of Arbitration for Sport that Manchester City not be allowed to play in the Champions League while their appeal is being heard found its way to Etihad bosses.

And while there was understanding from the City board that teams below them would be keen to seek clarification, eyebrows have been raised at the league leaders involvement.

City's appeal at CAS will not be affected and the club have confirmed they have not asked for any punishment to be "stayed" or frozen while the appeal is heard.

However the possibility that City's appeal against a two-year Champions League ban will not be dealt with before the start of next season’s competition remains a possibility.

City have also followed local neighbours United's lead in confirming matchday casual staff will be paid until the end of the season.

A club statement said: "We recognise that this is, and will continue to be, an uncertain time for all of them and we hope that this income will provide a level of financial stability over the coming weeks."

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