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    Monday, 8 June 2020

    Jurgen Klopp reveals why Liverpool turned down Timo Werner deal

    The Germany international is now bound to move to Chelsea according to reports

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    Jurgen Klopp, explaining why his Premier League leaders let down the deal, revealed that a £49million spending couldn't be morally justified on the RB Leipzig striker.

    Amidst the coronavirus crisis, Liverpool are in  the risk of losing around a £150 as matchday revenue plummets due to games being played behind-closed-doors.

    Klopp says he cannot countenance paying £49m for a player in such a time of financial disrepair.

    "All clubs are losing money," said the Liverpool manager.

    "How do I discuss with the players about things like salary waivers and on the other hand buy a player for £50-60m — we'd have to explain.

    "If you want to take it seriously and run a normal business you depend on income.

    "And we have no idea how much the club will earn — especially because we don't know when we can start playing in front of spectators.

    "At the moment, without spectators, we have to pay back on season tickets and probably sell none next year. At least maybe the first 10 or 15 games. VIP areas won’t be packed and tickets won’t be sold."

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