Jamie Carragher: Trent Alexander-Arnold better than Gary Neville in right-back position


Jamie Carragher has hailed Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold as 'the most creative player in the best team in Europe'

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The former Liverpool defender believes the 20-year-old has added a sense of style to an inherently dull right-back position.

Carragher believes Alexander-Arnold's performance at right-back revived the position's long-term appeal by making it look 'sexy' after former Manchester United defender Gary Neville made it look 'very unsexy'.

"He is the most creative player in the best team in Europe, and he is a 21-year-old lad from Liverpool playing at right-back,' Carragher told The Liverpool Echo.

"It just shows you what he has actually done to the position. He has made the position sexy again shall we say after Gary Neville made it very unsexy!"

The 42-year-old also compared Alexander-Arnold to Liverpool legend - Steven Gerrard after having a sly dig at his Sky Sports colleague Gary Neville.

"He looks a very level-headed lad, he's been brilliant, hasn't he?" Carragher said.

"To be honest, he reminds me of Stevie Gerrard in some ways. Yes, they are good players at the academy, but no-one could ever know for certain what could happen in the first team.

"Now Stevie was a great player as a kid, but no-one would have said he would be the best midfielder in the world. And Trent may even be the best right-back in the world now. No-one would have said that when he was 16 or 17.

"They would have known they had a special player, but sometimes when you go into the first team, people just completely take-off and before you know they are one of the top players in the world. And that is what has happened to Trent.

"I think he tells a story when he played against a winger against Manchester United when he was 15 or 16, and he was given a really tough time in a youth game, and he'd never played there before, and it was a position he was getting used to.

"That shows you the development and improvement in him. And he has just completely taken off now where he is the most creative player."

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