Conversation shows how Gerrard tried to convince Willian to join Liverpool


Steven Gerrard tried to persuade Willian to join Liverpool before moving to Chelsea

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Speculation have had it that Willian could move to either Arsenal or Liverpool this summer as the Brazilian appears keen to leave Chelsea on a free transfer.

Both the Gunners and Jurgen Klopp's Premier League champions are said to have tabled a three-year contract for the 32-year-old, leaving him with the option to choose.

It is not the first time Willian has been linked with the Reds.

The brilliance of the Brazilian playmaker caught the Merseyside club's attention back in 2013 when he was at Shakhtar Donetsk.

Twenty-plus-five-year old Willian then, had the chance to join Brendan Rodgers Liverpool team but snubbed the Reds' interest to move to Chelsea.

Almost seven years now of the champions missing out,  but recounting Gerrard's conversation with the Brazilian would make the whole saga appear anew regarding the Reds latest interest.

The conversation reveals why Willian made his decision to snub Liverpool for a move to the Bridge.

“I followed the usual routine when approaching a star player we wanted to sign," Gerrard wrote in his autobiography.

"Instead of calling him directly I always sent a text. It seemed more respectful and allowed the player to read my message at a time when it suited him best. A cold call felt wrong.

"I slipped into the groove with Willian. I said hello and hoped he didn’t mind me contacting him directly.

"I stressed how much I admired him as a player and then, having mentioned the fact that I knew Liverpool were speaking to his agent, I used the standard line: 'If you need to chat or ask any questions I’m available at any time'.

“It was the opening move in a familiar game. The reply came in and the same old conversation started. Willian thanked me and he said the usual, along the lines of, ‘I’d love to play with you, Steven, blah-blah-blah, but there are other clubs I need to talk to as well'.

"I knew Spurs and Chelsea were also very keen on Willian. So I answered him and said, of course, I understood the situation.

"But I then went in with my sales pitch. 'I think Liverpool would be a great move for you. The fans are amazing, the history is there and we're building a good team. You could do something great here – and we'd love to have you'.

"The next text from Willian was so obvious I could have written it for him even before I read it.

"He again said that it would be great to play in the same team as me but, 'I'm not sure Liverpool can give me the Champions League'.

"There was no disputing it. I could not guarantee Champions League football with Liverpool to Willian or any of the other dozens of players I had contacted over the years."

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