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    Sunday, 11 October 2020

    Lallana reveals conversation with Klopp that led to his Liverpool exit

    Adam Lallana was shown the Liverpool exit door earlier this summer window

    Adam Lallana reveals chat with Jurgen Klopp before his Liverpool exit.

    The England midfielder has revealed he was already bound to leave the Premier  League champions eight months before packing his bags.

    Lallana revealed how boss Jurgen Klopp told him he would be leaving the club back in October 2019.

    Earlier this summer the 32-year-old year old joined Brighton on a permanent deal as a free agent after difficult years at Anfield.

    “To give you a bit of an insight, I spoke to Jurgen (Klopp) in October of last year and just sat down and had an open conversation,” Lallana told BBC Radio Five Live.

    "We have a great relationship and I just said 'what’s it looking like for me next year?’. I know I’m out of contract and I know I’m not playing regularly.

    "Although I had a pretty big role in the squad around the team, I wanted a bit of honesty. He basically said to me in October, ‘get your agent to start looking for another club’.

    “That doesn’t mean you’re not in my plans or he isn’t going to use me. Four days later he brought me on at Old Trafford and I scored the equaliser and I think that shows what type of person Jurgen is. He’s very honest.

    "He couldn’t offer that to me so from then I had his blessing the club’s blessing to give my agent the go-ahead to speak to other clubs about next season, which is now this season."

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