Ricky Parry failing to rule out Project Big Picture and slams Liverpool accusation


Ricky Parry is keeping the hopes of the Premier League rejected Project Big Picture alive

Ricky Parry reluctant to rule out Project Big Picture.

The EFL chairman has slammed the detractors of the development and claimed that the proposals are still under way.

Earlier this month, proposals were leaked that would have seen the biggest shake-up of English football since the formation of the Premier League in 1992.

Liverpool and Manchester United were the driving forces behind the scheme, with EFL boss Parry cited as the prime mover.

The plan was devised to help bridge the gap between the Premier League and the rest of the football pyramid.

Parts of the proposal were positively received, none more so than the idea of a £250million rescue package to the EFL in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, elements which would have seen the nine longest-serving members of the Premier League given more power, were widely criticised.

After a vote, the initial scheme was rejected, although a strategic review on the future of the English game was promised.

But in an interview between Parry and Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher in the Telegraph, the EFL boss has refused to give up on the idea.

"Rick, you can’t seriously expect me and football fans to believe the American owners of Liverpool and Manchester United care about the long-term future of English football?” Carragher asked.

Parry replied: "I absolutely believe they care. I know they are genuine because I have been talking to them for long enough, otherwise I would not have gone with this.

"The fact is it was Liverpool, Manchester United and the EFL who decided to stick our heads above the parapet. They put their names to it and allowed me to say they back it. To me, the proof of it is in the plan for the pyramid.

Parry went on to hit out at the notion that Liverpool and Man United were "evil" agents in the situation.

"I was incredibly frustrated we could not get this through by May so we could put it into motion for this season," he added. "Then what happened when the plans were put forward is that it was immediately leaked.

"It was leaked to try to kill it. That meant we didn’t launch it as we would have liked.

"Suddenly it was being portrayed as good against evil, as if Manchester United and Liverpool are somehow evil. That is outrageous.

"Let's not forget that some of the so-called ‘good’ guys were saying they wanted to stop the season not long ago. Where is the good in that? That is just self-interest.

"The bottom line is the plan is way too good to be allowed to die. There are too many good elements to it.

"The Premier League has promised a strategic review. They recognise there needs to be change. I hope it happens speedily."

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