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    Sunday, 28 February 2021

    Adama Traore too fat to play for a big club - Jose Enrique

    Wolves forward Adama Traore has been a transfer target for Liverpool since last summer

    Former Liverpool left-flanker Jose Enrique believes the Wolverhampton forward and fellow countryman who has been linked with the Reds - will not secure a move to a 'big team' because of his size.

    Enrique believes it's difficult for Adama to run up and down the pitch for 90 minutes and admits regret as he revealed a Liverpool coaching staff once told him to lose weight.

    "When I played, I was obsessed with my fitness," Enrique said.

    "Sometimes I pushed myself too much and to be honest, I was too big.

    "I was quick, people couldn’t pass me one-v-one, but I believe, for a footballer, it is better to be slim.

    “Everyone loves Adama Traore, for example, but his body is why he doesn’t play for a big team.

    "He cannot run for 90 minutes up and down the pitch because it doesn’t let him, he is carrying too much weight. A footballer is not meant to be that strong.

    "It is something that I regret. The fitness coaches at Liverpool told me I was too big.

    "Looking back, it would have benefitted me and my kind of football if I was a bit slimmer."

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