Jurgen Klopp wouldn't sign Lukaku 'in a million years' - Neville


Gary Neville has claimed that Jurgen Klopp wouldn't have signed Romelu Lukau 'in a million years' following the Belgian's huge money return to Chelsea

Lukaku arrived London ahead of a record £97.5m move to Chelsea on Thursday, and Neville believe that Liverpool is the one of the last places the Belgian would have ended up at.

Speaking in on his The Overlap podcast, the Manchester United legend said: "Jurgen Klopp wouldn't sign Lukaku in a million years. Neither would probably Pep Guardiola but Chelsea are the club that have had that type of striker.

"Costa, a Drogba, a single point striker, that physical presence that wants to carry that line. They've had that in their armoury for 20 years. It suits Chelsea Football Club. He wouldn't press from the front so he'd never suit Jurgen Klopp."

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