Jurgen Klopp clarifies muttered heated moment with Bruno Fernandes

Jurgen Klopp has revealed his exchange with Bruno Fernandes after Liverpool's defeat to Manchester United

Jurgen Klopp post match conference: Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp clarifies muttered confrontation with Bruno Fernandes after United defeat

The Reds boss has said 
Liverpool his exchange with Fernandes were completely harmless one.

Fernandes was seen trying  to preventing Salah from carrying the ball to the centre pitch after the Egyptian scored lately in the second half.

Liverpool however lost the game 2-1 to their bitter but Fernandes action was one that would anger a lot of Reds fans as the Reds had fewer minutes to get back into the game.

The Portuguese midfielder went unpunished for his act and after the game Jurgen Klopp was spotted having a conversation with him as put his arm around the player's shoulders.

Asked his exchange with the Manchester United captain for the night, Klopp answered: "It was not animated.

"It was the most harmless conversation I’ve ever had with a player who was as emotional as I maybe was.

"It was the situation with the centre half, [Lisandro] Martinez, where we went down for an "awful" tackle, it was obviously nothing, he made a bit of it, and then he was talking to me and saying, 'you would do the same'.

"But it was all fine after the game, he told me he needs these kind of conversations, okay, it’s all fine, use me."

After he has revealed the altercation between Salah and Fernandes wasn't the subject of his conversation, Klopp went on to play down the spat between James Milner and Virgil van Dijk in the aftermath of Sancho's opening goal.

"I realise now, I didn't even see it, but I think it [the question] is about an argument on the pitch or whatever, shouting at each other and these kind of things,’ said Klopp.

"We don't have any kind of issues, I have not any kind of issues in the team like this. That nobody is happy after you lose a game is completely normal, but this is not an explanation, not an excuse or whatever.

"It’s all fine there, in this department."

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