In full: Pep Guardiola apologises says he made a "stupid" comment


Pep Guardiola has sent an apology to Steven Gerrard after his '2014 slip' comment

Steven Gerrard, Pep Guardiola, apology

Pep Guardiola began his press conference ahead of one of the biggest Premier League games of the season by apologizing to Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

The struggling City boss, who is preparing for an exciting clash with leaders Arsenal on Wednesday, asked the Premier League last week if City were to blame for Gerrard's infamous slip that cost Liverpool 2014 title.

Ahead of the Arsenal game, before reporters were allowed to ask questions, Guardiola - whose club has three league titles, including the 2014 title - threatened due to the 100-times financial strain on the Premier League quickly jumped to the apology of Gerrard.

"I apologise to Steven Gerrard for my unnecessary stupid comments about him," the City boss said.

"He knows how I admire him and his career, what he has done for this country. I am ashamed of myself, he doesn't deserve it."

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