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    Thursday, 29 December 2016

    Jurgen Klopp: ' Christian Benteke was sold because he broke my glasses', warn players whoever breake his glasses will be sold

    Some players are sold because they don't fit their manager's system. Others are let go due to a lack of form. But the reason Christian Benteke was sold to Crystal Palace from Liverpool is quite unique to the world of football: He broke his manager's glasses!

    During the celebratory scrum, manager Jurgen Klopp lost his glasses and, apparently, Belgium international Benteke stepped on them, setting the wheels in motion for his £27 million sale to Palace during the 2016 summer window.
    "They were absolutely broken! In the picture, I have them in my hands," Klopp said of his crushed eyewear. "It was Christian Benteke who did it. So don't kill my glasses or otherwise you will be sold!"

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