Wayne Rooney — 'I have Everton fans phoning me up saying the season has to be cancelled'


Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has backed Liverpool to win this season's Premier League minding the ongoing Coronavirus chaos

Liverpool were only two wins away this season, from winning their first top-flight title in 30 years before coronavirus outbreak halted their chances to do so early.

Following the increasing spread of the virus, the Premier League, two weeks ago announced its shutdown until April 3rd but that date has now been postponed to a further four weeks, with another postponement likely as the UK braces itself for the ‘peak’ of the crisis.

A minority of Premier League clubs were in favour of voiding the season, meaning Liverpool would not win the title and the league table would essentially be reset.

But former Manchester United and Everton player Wayne Rooney is backing Premier League decision not  to do so and continue the League when it is safe to.

Rooney is adamant that the season must continue to its completion because Liverpool deserves to win the title.

"Liverpool will win the Premier League ,’ Rooney told the Times.

"Now, as you can imagine, I have Everton fans phoning me up saying: 'The season has to be cancelled!' And, of course, as an Evertonian and someone who played for Manchester United for 13 years, there's a bit in me that thinks that would be good .

"But no. Liverpool have been fantastic. They have put so much work in. They deserve this title. Can you imagine waiting 30 years and then having it taken away like this? The right decision has been made.

"It's also right in terms of promotion and relegation and Champions League places. These issues are so big for the clubs involved that I imagine there would be a lot of legal fights if the season was just abandoned.

"The fair thing is to finish 2019-20 - even if we have to lose next season in the process.

"It wouldn't surprise me if finishing the season takes until the end of 2020. Football, like every other industry, is in unknown territory and, just like every other industry, has to listen to the advice and take all necessary precautions.

"For me, that rules out finishing the season behind closed doors."

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