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    Friday, 3 July 2020

    FIFA planning to introduce robot referees into football

    The development could possibly reach implementation stage before the 2022 World Cup at Qatar as they have made arrangements

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    Football's governing body FIFA are planning to replace human assistants referees with robots.

    The director of technology of the organisation, Johannes Holzmuller outlined his plan for the new system which would see normal assistant referees replaced with computer technology which automatically generates offside lines.

    For this  reason, the football governing body will require to take into account the length of different players' FEET to cut out controversial offsides calls.

    It was said that the first trial of the 'robots technology' has already taken place at December's Club World Cup in Qatar, won by Liverpool.

    FIFA's more recent technological introduction VAR (Video Assistant Referee), has found itself in open criticism over few years of it's implementation after some lengthy and controversial decisions.

    Holzmuller believes his new robot technology would help fix those unaesthetic errors.

    Explaining his new innovation on German broadcaster ARD, Holzmuller said: "The idea behind the offside technique is to speed up the review of such game situations by the video assistant referee.

    "Basically, it is about the video assistant no longer creating the lines for offside questions to determine a possible offside position.

    "The principle is that the system creates the lines automatically and sounds an alarm if there is an offside position.

    "That saves time, so the video assistant's review of game situations could be quicker when it comes to offside."

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