'Can you recreate my free kick' - Robertson answers question from Roberto Carlos


Liverpool' defender Andy Robertson was left stunned after receiving a question from Roberto Carlos on TikTok

The full-back was answering fans' questions on the social media site when he received one from the legendary Brazilian referencing his brilliant free-kick goal against France in 1997.

Carlos was keen to know if Robertson could do similar.

"Can you recreate my free-kick in a game?" Carlos asked with a laughing emoji.

"First of all, imagine getting a question from Roberto Carlos - what a legend," a stunned Robertson replied.

"Thank you for your question and you're an absolute inspiration to me growing up and all of my generation.

"Secondly, I'd pay a lot of money to have your left foot. I'd love to be able to put in a free-kick like you did and I'm sure my team would as well.

"I'm not sure it's in my locker. I'll keep trying but, Roberto, I think I need to accept that it's never going to happen.

"Absolute legend."

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