Gary Neville takes aim at Liverpool owner


Gary Neville has taken aim at John W Henry and branded his apology to Liverpool supporters as a 'joke' and an 'embarrassment'

The Reds principal owner and FSG chief issued an
apology on Wednesday after the club withdrew from the European Super League breakaway the night before.

It was the first time the Liverpool chief had spoken since it had been confirmed that the Reds were to be a founding member of the new competition aimed at rivalling the Champions League.

Liverpool supporters, fan groups and players past and present had all reacted with fury to the announcement being made the previous Sunday.

But Neville has now questioned the move and admitted his shock that someone at the club allowed the video clip of Henry’s apology message to be released.

"Who at Liverpool ever sanctioned that J W Henry video going out. That was an embarrassment," the former Manchester United defender told Sky Sports .

"You think about it, you drive to Liverpool and you go up to a game and see those fans and you think to yourself ‘who allowed that video to go out’? It was an absolute joke."

"The scary thing is that these people are regrouping back at base. They are not going away.

"There has to be legislation passed through government. The government are the only people who can stop this.

"It's such an interesting system in this country that 20 or 30 years ago we put the power of English football into the hands of the owners of the biggest clubs.

"That's what we did but we are going to have to take it off them. And the only people who can do that are government and it has to happen now - more than ever.

"This lot need to be stopped. The ultimate long game is to get the owners out of the clubs. There's no doubt about that.

"But in the short-term there has to be some protection put in place to ensure that they can't go and do what they want with football.

“Because they want to take it away. They want to maximise their revenue at the expense of football fans and fair and equal competition. That is something that can't happen.

"Last week, and it was severe language, l called it an attempted murder of English football.

"And 'sorry' doesn't wash. It has gone past sorry because it is twice that they have done it. If you were sorry the first time with 'Big Picture' you wouldn't have brought this back.

"Real Madrid's Perez and Laporte at Barcelona, from two of the world biggest clubs, have told us 'we are coming back'. This lot are not going away, but they need to be stopped."

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