Jurgen Klopp reacts to Ronaldo to City transfer


Jurgen Klopp has reacted to news that Cristiano Ronaldo could return to the Premier League with Man City

Jurgen Klopp has admitted Liverpool’s long-term approach to their squad means they never considered moving for Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi this summer.

The Portuguese is reportedly in talks over a Premier League return with Man City after deciding to leave Juventus, while the Argentine joined Paris Saint-Germain earlier this summer after La Liga’s salary rules prevented Barcelona from tying him down to a new contract.

With four days to go until the transfer window closes, the Reds boss admits he is watching with great interest to see if Pep Guardiola’s side are successful in luring Ronaldo back to the Premier League.

But he warned that such a signing could be at the expense of long-term success when explaining how different Liverpool operate.

“I watch that like a football supporter actually. I have no more knowledge about it, you probably have much more knowledge about it, if it will happen or not, than I have,” the German told reporters when quizzed about Ronaldo.

"It's not about me to judge that. It’s about if other clubs can do things like this, it’s obviously not business for the future. In three or four years we will have the benefit of that, it’s for now and immediately if that happens.

"That is how some clubs are obviously working and that is absolutely fine, but there must be different ways. There must be a team a year later and two years later, for us at least. And three years later as well.

"You need success. We felt that if you can win trophies it is great but it’s not, even with the best squad in the world, possible every year. If that’s not possible, you still need to make sure you develop as a team and a club.

"That's what we did and that’s what we do. Anything else is really not in our hands. We watch it like all of you and will see what happens."

And Klopp also dismissed suggestions that players like Messi or Ronaldo are signed for commercial reasons, pointing out he only considers football reasons when dealing with transfers.

"With Messi and Ronaldo especially, there might be a commercial aspect to it of course but I don’t think PSG brought Messi in because of the commercial,” he said.

"Maybe yes, I don’t know. They brought him in because Messi still has a lot to give for the football team.

"That's it and if Cristiano comes to the Premier League that is the first intention as well. Nobody came to me so far.

"I never had to make a commercial signing, whatever that means exactly. No-one asked me that. If somebody would come, I would start thinking, probably, but so far it never happened."

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