Sven Botman makes Liverpool admission after joining Newcastle


Newcastle's summer signing Sven Botman has praised Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk for his style of football

Sven Botman joins Newcastle United 

The once-linked-with-Liverpool defender
admitted that the Liverpool no.4 alongside Sergio Ramos are top of his favourites centre-back in football.

"I look a lot at Sergio Ramos, I like his attitude,"
Botman told the Athletic .

"On the field, it's like, 'I'm the boss, everybody has to listen to me'. I think some attackers hold back a bit because of that confidence. Bogarde had the killing attitude, ‘Nobody will dribble past me’. I learned a lot from this mentality.

"I am very amazed by Virgil van Dijk, because of his body. It’s like the same as me and he is really fast. I like to see how he works with his body and how he plays against small strikers, like Sergio Aguero. I remember last season he had a record for how long an opponent didn’t pass him. For his size, it’s amazing — top performance. I have a mix of these three things those players have."

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