Why critics are wrong about Darwin Nunez who will propell Liverpool to major successes in the short run


Keep an eye on his positioning,  Nunez is actually the player Liverpool need to curb their puzzling when going forward

So far, 22-year-old new Liverpool signing Darwin  Nunez has come under fierce criticism for not scoring for the Reds in preseason fixtures.

All the mudslinging to his early start to life on Merseyside are quite understandable, but predictably, the future holds lot of good tidings for Darwin who has shown a great trait of few top quality strikers who took the world of football by storm in the past decade.

You don't have to work so hard to score goals, just be at the right place at the right time. Good positioning was the key for few top quality strikers, earnestly the best the game ever had.

Few names pops up in your mind thinking of players who shared this uniqueness.

Rud van Nistelrooy: 95 goals in 149 Premier League appearances , 75 goals in the Eredevisie (Ducth top-flight) and a total career goal of 325 in 515 appearances.

Fernando Torres Sanz: 103 La Liga goals and 12 assists in 280 appearances, 84 Premier League and 39 assists in 210 appearances.

Pedro Miguel Carreiro Resendes (Pauleta): 141 Ligue one goals and 14 assists in 266 appearances, 19 goals in Uefa competitions, and a total career goal of 239 in 450 appearances.

Other names to mention, Raul Gonzalez Blanco, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Liverpool would have loads of goals scored next season by Darwin. Only, they would need a line breaker behind him to get even more.

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