Darwin Nunez and Virgil van Dijk outburst explained

Darwin Nunez complained to Van Dijk "the ball doesn't want to go in"

Darwin Nunez and Virgil van Dijk

New footage has emerged of Nunes venting his displeasure with Van Dijk when he failed to score during Liverpool's 2-0 win over Rangers. Five minutes before half-time, the striker turned towards the Dutchman, who was running back into position.

He then seemed to say "No quiere entrar hermano" to Van Dijk, who seemed to encourage him. Roughly translated, the phrase means: "It (the ball) doesn't want to go in, bro."

Nunes started for the Reds at Anfield but endured another disappointing night. He had six shots in total, four of which were on target and another was blocked by a Rangers defense.

But he found that Rangers goalkeeper Alan McGregor was inspired and the Scot made an impressive series of saves to stop Nunes. The Uruguay star joked that some of his problems stem from not being able to understand Klopp:

"The truth is, I honestly don't understand anything when he (Klopp) talks in team talks. Of course, I ask my teammates to see what he said, but I think he is very clear about his style of play," he said.

"Sometimes I feel a little indecisive, I don’t feel completely confident. But as time goes on, it gets better. The coach always gives me confidence, like Pep and Vitor, who are the ones who always translate for us. He gives me confidence.

“And also my companions, who always talk to me, tell me to stay calm. When they talk, I feel calmer because I know that if I do something wrong, they will always support me. And I will also always be here to support them, it’s a very united group.

“I have to show my game to the coach and be calmer when it’s time to shoot. The goal will come. It’s like ketchup, when it comes out a little, it all comes out.”

Klopp has remained calm on the problems Nunes has faced since taking office. Despite missing a goal on Tuesday night, he insisted that the Uruguayan's performance was impressive.

"The way the boys moved up front today together I thought was extremely, extremely good for only one session working on it, to be honest. We never did it before," the Liverpool boss said.

"We had now one session with a low intensity because we only played recently. So, you just see how good a striker Darwin is to be constantly in these situations. I think everybody saw tonight that this [scoring goals] will happen, so all good."

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