American billionaire 10 times richer than City owners is possibly Liverpool's next CEO

Bain Capital co-chairman is one of the aspiring candidate to buy Liverpool Football Club according to reports

Stephen Pagliuca
Stephen Pagliuca

A large number of wealthy people have been rumored to buy Liverpool Football Club after news broke this week that the club is put up for sale by current owners Fenway Sports Group.

Stephen Pagliuca is a former Burger King director who appeared on the Daily Mirror's shortlist for purchasing Chelsea. With the resources he possesses, Pagliuca could make any move toward owning the club and is very likely to happen if he makes the move.

Compared to Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour, Pagliuca's Bain Capital company owns assets worth £112 billion more.

Pagliuca, who invested in private equity, owns a 55% stake in the Italian football club Atalanta BC. He is also the co-owner of the Boston Celtics in the NBA.

The Athletic believes that the FSG shares a close relationship with the Bain Capital co-chairman and that has seemingly put him as prime candidate to watch closely.

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