Gary Neville welcomes FSG idea to sell Liverpool


According to Neville, a sale of Liverpool makes sense given the current administration's decisions

Gary Neville

In an interview with Sky Sports, the former Manchester United defender revealed that a multi-billion pound takeover is possible amid prospective investors invitation.

Neville told Sky Sports: "It absolutely makes sense. They haven't got the money really to compete with the other teams in the league. They've developed the stadium. They've got Jurgen Klopp at a point whereby, how long is he going to be around for?

"If that Chelsea valuation, which at this moment in time sets the standard for valuations, they're thinking now is the time potentially for us to get out.

"Because if we dip down the league, if people think 'hang on a minute, Boehly's overpaid at Chelsea', and it becomes a bit more of a struggle in the next couple of years, they're probably thinking now is the right time."


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