McCoist advise Liverpool target to stay put

Ally McCoist is convinced Mason Mount should stay where he is– with Chelsea– in lieu of a move to Liverpool

Ally Mccoist would want Mason Mount to remain at Chelsea

The former Rangers manager doesn't think the Reds are the ideal destination for the young midfielder.

The Blues' midfield maestro hasn't consented to an extension of his contract at Stamford Bridge yet, and Liverpool are reported to have their eye on the 24-year-old.

Asked if I'd rather see the England star stay at Chelsea, McCoist answered: "I would, actually.

“He’s kind of lost his way a little bit, which is A) understandable, and B) acceptable, in a club that’s completely lost their way. It’s natural that younger players are going to suffer from it and maybe not fight their way through it.

“Once Pochettino or whoever comes in steadies the ship a little bit, I would like to see Mason Mount still at Chelsea. Of course I would, yes.”

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