Wise to allow Mohamed Salah leave for a £100million at 31


The Mohamed Salah - Liverpool exit saga continues with less than a week left to end the transfer window

  • Arguments of allowing Mohamed Salah to leave for AlIttihad for a £100million at 31-year-old year old has sprung up and Red fans are conflicted in agreement with one another.

Should Liverpool foster Mohamed Salah's sale if they get a lucrative offer from Al-Ittihad?

Mohamed Salah

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Yes! Liverpool could benefit financially from allowing Mohamed Salah to leave for Al-Ittihad for a reported £100million transfer fee. The club could use the funds to reinvest in new players and strengthen their squad for future seasons. 

Additionally, the financial gain from the transfer could help the Reds navigate the current financial climate, which has been challenging for many European football clubs.

While Salah is a valuable player for the Reds, the club may need to consider the long-term financial benefits of a high-value transfer such as this. And, at 31 years old, Salah may be facing a potential decline in his performance, making it wise to allow him to leave for a high transfer fee. 

Although the Egyptian has been a consistent and reliable player for Jurgen Klopp's armies, he may not be able to maintain the same level of performance as he ages. By allowing him to leave for a lucrative offer, Liverpool can avoid the potential risk of keeping an aging player on their roster and potentially losing value in the future.

Allowing Salah to end his career in the middle  east could be a fitting end to his time at Liverpool. The opportunity to play for a team within  the surrounding of his home country's region and potentially win titles could be a significant draw for the two-time African best player of  the year winner.

Liverpool could also benefit from the positive publicity and exposure that comes with having a player of Salah's caliber playing in the Saudi Arabian league. Overall, while it may be difficult to let go of such a such valuable player, allowing Salah to leave for Al-Ittihad could be a wise decision for the Merseyside club at this stage.

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