Jurgen Klopp attack criticism foisted on Roberto Firmino


Roberto Firmino has yet to score for the Reds this season and that has shoved at him criticism amid Diogo Jota's arrival

Roberto Firmino not scoring isn't a problem says Jurgen Klopp.

Some Reds fans think Firmino shouldn't start in today's Merseyside derby after going four games without finding the back of the net.

They suggested Portuguese winger Diogo Jota who tore-apart Sweden three days ago in the Nations League should start in place of the Brazilian who scored twice for Brazil also during the break.

Jurgen Klopp , however isn't taking side insisting 'it's not even close to becoming a problem' on the fact that Firmino who has been 'influential' for the Reds hasn't scored yet.

The Liverpool manager believes making judgement after few games into the season makes no sense.

"I don't know when that becomes a problem for me; for me, it's not even close to becoming a problem," said Klopp.

"These are the things where I have to be different to the outside world. If I would judge moments as much as you have to judge moments – and moments are not only a second or a game, or two games or three games, moments can be a period.

"For me, it’s just important how influential the player is, how it works for the team. Now we lost the last Premier League game obviously.

"Before that, we won all the Premier League games and Bobby didn’t score, but Bobby was incredibly influential.

"It was always clear when a player like Bobby, if he is not scoring and people start focusing on that then you realise that even he loses the ball from time to time. Then you add it on – he doesn’t score and loses balls and all these kinds of things. All of a sudden, you speak about: 'Is that Bobby Firmino?' Yes, it is.

"I was in training, he scored twice for Brazil, he is in a top shape, to be honest, and will play as long as he can. It’s normal that you discuss it.

"We discuss performances – individual and team performances – but not in the same way as you, obviously.

"Yes, we want him to score, we want him to come into the position where he can score. Yes, he could have scored, for example, at Villa, early and plenty; twice, for sure.

"I know that and he doesn't like that, I don't like it, but it's not the one thing I think about when I think about Bobby, obviously."

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